Terms and Conditions of Enrolment

Effective Date: 
Aug 3, 2020

Fees /Charges/Holiday Structure from January 2019

  • Somerset Smyth is opened throughout the year, closing only for a short period over Christmas and for statutory holidays.
  • Fees/Optional Charges are not charged over the Christmas close down period.
  • As we are required to pay staff on public holidays, fees/surcharges are charged if your child is enrolled on these days.
  • Fees/optional charges will be charged from the date that your child begins preschool. It is suggested that you make arrangements to visit with your child prior to this time.
  • Fees/charges are charged per session enrolled and no reduction is made due to absenteeism. i.e. you must pay for the days that your child is enrolled whether or not s/he attends except in the instances outlined below in Absences.
  • A $50 enrolment fee is charged to process your child's enrolment.
  • A $20 stationery fee is charged per term.

Fees/Optional Charges:

We are open and licensed Monday to Friday 730AM to 5.30Pm, however our core educational programme runs from 8.30AM to 3:30 pm. Please discuss a start and finish time with you senior teacher on enrolment.

While children are required to attend sessions, or a full day, fees and surcharges are charged by the hour for the duration of the session for ease of calculation. Session durations are:

  • Morning session 8.30 am to 12pm: 3.5 hours
  • Afternoon session 12.30pm to 4pm: 3.5 hours
  • All day 8.30am to 4pm: 7.5 hours

Children are required to be enrolled for a minimum of two sessions per week.

  • $6.95 per hour  (for duration of session).
  • $3.95 per hour Optional Charge/ Quality Education Surcharge for 3 and 4 year old children receiving 20hrs ECE at Somerset Smyth, up to 6 hours a day, 20 hours a week (see below for explanation).
  • $6.95 an hour for 3 and 4 year old children not receiving 20hrs ECE at Somerset Smyth, and for hours above 6 hours a day or 20 hours a week.
  • All fees and Optional charges will be presented to you in a quote and will become part of your enrolment agreement.

Payment of Fees and Optional Charges

Statements/Invoices are emailed at the beginning of each month. You may pay weekly, or fortnightly or monthly in advance. Outstanding fees and charges after this date will incur a charge (see over page).

  • Somerset Smyth prefers that fees/surcharges are paid by electronic banking or automatic payment as this reduces administration time for staff and bank fees for parents

20 Hours ECE:

20 Hours ECE (up to 6 hours per day and 20 hours per week) is available at Somerset Smyth for children over the age of three years. You are not required to pay the fees outlined above for the ECE hours that your child is receiving. Instead you are asked for an optional Quality Education Surcharge of $3.95 per hour for the duration of sessions enrolled.


Full fees/surcharges are charged for absences except:

  • A 50% discount with first three weeks holiday taken over the calendar year January to December. A holiday form needs to be completed in advance and handed into the office in order that holidays can be recorded. No holiday form, no reduction in fees. Holidays can be taken in weeks, or in days. Unused holidays cannot be carried over to the following year, and cannot be transferred to other siblings. The three week holiday entitlement does not renew if your child moves to the senior classroom throughout the year (i.e. if your fees are deducted for two weeks holiday taken in the Junior Classroom and your child moves throughout the year, only one week is remaining.)
  • No fees/surcharges are charged during the annual closedown over Christmas.
  • If your child will be absent from their enrolled sessions for longer than three weeks (for any reason) we require written notice. Forms are available from the office.

Retaining fee for extended holidays taken:

If your child will be absent  for an extended time you are able to use outstanding holiday allocation (see holidays above). If you require your child’s spaces to be saved after this time you will be charged a retaining fee of 20% of your regular weekly charges. This will ensure that your child is able to return to preschool for the same hours and days on his/her return.

Extra Sessions:

If space allows extra sessions may be available. These will be included on your next invoice. When your child attends an extra session, enrolment information will need to be altered.

Withdrawing Children:

Two weeks notice (or two weeks fees/surcharges) is required when withdrawing your child. If fees/surcharges have been paid in advance a refund (less any notice required) will be paid.

Changes to Enrolment

If permanent changes are made to the days that your child attends:

  • If reducing days two weeks notice is required. As it can take two weeks for a child off the waiting list to fill your child’s spot, fees will be charged for the sessions for two weeks.
  • If increasing days you will be invoiced for these on the next invoice.

Late payment or non - payment of fees/surcharges:

To operate efficiently we require that fees/surcharges be paid on time. Unless prior arrangement has been made with the manager, fees not paid by the end of each month will be forwarded to Debt Management Services. Any debt recovery costs will be added to the balance owed. Consistent late payment or non-payment of fees will result in the termination of your child’s enrolment.

Late pick up:

Should an emergency occur and you are unable to collect your child on time please phone us. Staff will remain with your child until you arrive. Consistent lateness, however, will incur a charge of $10.00 per day.

WINZ Subsidies:

You may be eligible for a subsidy from Work and Income New Zealand to assist you pay fees. A WINZ Subsidy is an agreement between WINZ and your family, and thus, it is up to families to notify WINZ if changes occur to your child’s attendance agreement. It is dependent upon your income and family size. Recent changes to threshold earnings have enabled some of our families who were not previously eligible to now be so. You will need to ring WINZ to ask for an application form which will need to be brought to kindergarten for us to verify and sign.

** Please note that you cannot receive a WINZ subsidy if your child is receiving the 20 hours ECE. A WINZ subsidy is only able to be claimed when you are paying full fees.

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