With over 30 years in the education sector, as a teacher, leader and owner of private kindergartens, Angela is an educational expert and brain child of NeuroLearning,

Understanding the monumental impact of the first 5 years on a child’s future life opportunities and outcomes, Angela was disillusioned when looking for a preschool for her own now adult sons, and set on a mission to open her own.

Since 2001, when the first kindergarten opened, Angela and her team have spent a great part of these years researching, refining and implementing a system of intelligent and purposeful teaching for under 5 year olds. Based on neurology of how the brain learns, the programme is evidence based, purposeful and outcome focused. Understanding the role of attention and engagement in brain development and the learning process, having fun and capturing interest are critical features of the curriculum.

The 1000+ graduates of the kindergartens; high achieving academics, who are well rounded, and socially and emotionally poised to be successful and fully contributing adults; are a testament to the effectiveness of NeuroLearning. NeuroLearning is a smart way to teach and develop the leaders of tomorrow.

Over the years having supported hundreds of families with parenting advice via NeuroLearning principles and mentored many teachers, Angela and her team would now like to share their NeuroLearning knowledge and experience with parents, teachers and early childhood centre owners. This is because it works.

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