About Somerset Smyth

Leaders in the application of early childhood brain and learning research.

Empowering parents, children and teachers

We develop well balanced and adjusted children who are socially competent, curious, focused and enjoy life.

Somerset Smyth
Somerset SmythSomerset Smyth
Somerset SmythSomerset Smyth
Somerset Smyth
Somerset Smyth
Somerset Smyth
Somerset Smyth
Somerset Smyth
Somerset Smyth
Somerset Smyth

“Great facilities, good planning to meet a broad range of objectives and doing so in ways to cater for all learning styles. Excellent child: teacher ratios!”

Fiona Moore

“Structured learning in a safe, educated, happy environment supported by kind staff supporting his growth socially and academically.”

Amanda Townsend

“Great teachers, great teacher interaction and caring relationships, learning letters and numbers and word recognition, great location, great resources, great feel!”

Kristie Goodspeed

“Watching her grown and develop and strengthen her friendships with other children and teachers. It is a fantastic building block for school. Her numeracy and literacy has really developed well!”


“We love that Harry has enjoyed every aspect of kindergarten and has been supported, encouraged, extended and nurtured while in your care. We also love that you have provided learning opportunities with your literacy programme."

Amy Booth

"Children really learn so much while at the same time having fun. It makes them love to learn with so many activities that allow them to use their imagination”

Tanya Kaewkomane

Our Difference

At Somerset Smyth your child’s success is our priority.

Like you, we want your child to have the foundations to become whatever they chose, to develop the grit and perseverance to succeed when times get tough, to be well rounded, empathetic and respectful and to grow into fully contributing members of society.

At Somerset Smyth we believe that this is achieved through:

  • Building strong, respectful partnerships with families.
  • Providing a purposeful educational programme based on how children learn.
  • Providing a structured, educational environment rich in language, literacy and early mathematical experiences.
  • Encouraging positive social interactions.
  • Celebrating success!
  • Having fun together!

We are looking forward to meeting you & your family.

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Our Values

Our programme always reflects our preschool values: Caring structured educational and fun and emphasis on literacy and mathematics.





Our Friendly Team

All our regular teachers are fully qualified. They have trained in Early Childhood Education or in Primary School Education/Teaching. We believe in the benefits of a strong mentoring program and support our teachers throughout their teacher registration with the New Zealand Education Council.

Somerset Smyth Juniors

Perfect for children up to 3.5 years old.

Somerset Smyth Seniors

Perfect for students 3.5-6 years old.

The Home Of NeuroLearning

We are looking forward to meeting you & your family.

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